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Current Projects

There’s always something on the go at home with two busy professionals, a third grader (!), three cats (okay, the cats don’t seem to do anything, but I’m not convinced they’re entirely innocent of any wrong doing), and a German Shepherd Dog – here’s some of the stuff I’m up to right now:

At work

After 10 years serving full time as a Reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces (and over 19 years total), I moved back into civilian work as a Client Strategist with the Corporate Communications team at the Halifax Regional Municipality in the summer 2021.

The role (re)broadens my lens with managing and execution the communications function beyond the largely issues-management and media relations efforts of the military’s Public affairs function. Now, I work with Director and Executive Director level staff to plan and integrate their communications activities with the larger whole, working with them to ensure Public Affairs, Marketing, Internal Communications and Print Services support are well considered to better support their operations. I’ll post more about the role on my LinkedIn profile here.

At home

  • Finances. Always laser focused on these finances but 2021 was a large year for making big choices that finally put us on the playing field we wanted to be on. Housing market is nuts, so we’ll sit on that investment, but that is definitely a mid to near-term end state.
  • Still dreamlining a la Tim Ferriss’ Dreamlining techniques from his book The 4-Hour Work Week. I’m shelving money-making side hustles now in favour of reconnecting with hobbies.
  • Pondering good shelving options to keep our tiny living effort going. If you have recommendations please reach out.
  • In home vegetables – anyone got any tips on growing lettuce indoors?

At play

  • Rejigging this website to incorporate my family-focused content (maybe even have the little guy or my partner hop on for an update here or there) and some potential professional tom foolery… maybe more to come on all that.
  • Dusting off the lifestyle goals again after three years of a pandemic. That 1,000 lift goal was achieved, but I don’t I’m confidently half that at this point. More to follow on that front.
  • Supporting the Roots and Boots Forest School as a member of their board of directors. COVID again played some havoc with efforts here, but hoping to re-engage in the fall to get their strategic plan moving forward again (this said, the School itself is booming, couldn’t be more happier with Sarah and Kellie in how they navigated the pandemic, they absolutely killed it).

My /now page is inspired by Derek Sivers and his nownownow project.

Last updated August, 2023