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Current Projects

There’s always something on the go at home with two busy professionals, a toddler Preschooler Primary student (!), three cats (okay, the cats don’t seem to do anything, but I’m not convinced they’re entirely innocent of any wrong doing), but that doesn’t mean I’m just punching the eight to four ticket – here’s some of the stuff I’m up to right now:

At work

  • Working as the Regional Public Affairs Officer for the  Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic), more details on that here.
  • The partner in crime, John, and I pitched a far more holistic strategy for resourcing communications activities within the organization, focusing on staff and participants sharing their story, and embracing the concept of “Platform Neutrality” to further eliminate our team “shooting for the shelf”. At some point in time I’ll need put this to a blog post, but for now we’re just in execution mode.

At home

  • Finances. Always laser focused on these finances.
  • Still looking at side-hustle options a la Tim Ferriss’ Dreamlining techniques from his book The 4-Hour Work Week. In fact I’m seeing a need for some sort of resource for smaller firms and businesses who need help in the field of communications and would otherwise want to bootstrap, as well as a professional development outlet for young public relations professionals. I’m thinking an online repository, maybe just a blog or a podcast. Very interested in chatting with others about it.
  • Also thinking about getting into “making” some more stuff around the apartment. Think shelving… actually think shelving, we need some freaking shelves. Mainly for the preschooler’s toys and art things.

At play

  • Rejigging this website to incorporate my family-focused content (maybe even have the little guy or my partner hop on for an update here or there) and some potential professional tom foolery… maybe more to come on all that.
  • Hit 1,000 lbs across my core lifts of deadlift, bench press, squat, and power clean 👊
  • Still considering that “Stats Corner” now that I’m tracking stats again: HabitBull for most of the non fitness or finance oriented goals, MyFitnessPal, spreadsheets for finances (I hear Google Sheets are powered by AI no less)
    • If you’re looking to learn how to code: Try Codecademy. Learning code for free? That’s right, there’s no excuse any more.
  • Took on a role with Roots and Boots Forest School as their communications and strategic planning adviser. Ran a great visioning retreat for them this past year and am working on the action items for the team to chew on moving ahead.I’m hoping to refine an approach with this awesome team that I can maybe offer to other organizations in the future.

My /now page is inspired by Derek Sivers and his nownownow project.

Last updated February 25, 2020