Inspired by Derek Sivers and his nownownow project, here’s a quick glimpse at what I’m up to right now.

There’s always something on the go at home with two busy professionals, a toddler Preschooler (!), a big old golden retriever, and two cats (okay, the cats don’t seem to do anything, but I’m not convinced they’re entirely innocent of any wrong doing), but that doesn’t mean I’m just punching the eight to four ticket – here’s some of the stuff I’m up to right now:

At work

  • Working as the Regional Public Affairs Officer for the  Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic), more details on that here.
  • The partner in crime, John, and I are pitching a whole new strategy for the organization. With a focus on enabling staff to share the story, pushing communications efforts to the grassroots, and strategically leveraging the “big” ticket items more strategically.
  • We’ve doubled down hard on “platform neutral” approach to communications products, here’s an example: traditional news article becomes a photo series on Facebook, a feature video on YouTube, an infographic for Pinterest, a tweet with a quote and a photo, and (hopefully) a published story in a news outlet. We’ve had significant success with this approach – even managed to produce segments for television news comprised of essentially 100% footage produced in-house. Here’s to more of that!

At home

  • Finances. Laser focus on the finances. Applying lessons learned over the last two years to make some real progress. Starting Q2 this calendar year, I’ll (fingers crossed) be multiplying this debt reduction effort.
  • Still looking at side-hustle options a la Tim Ferriss’ Dreamlining techniques from his book The 4-Hour Work Week. In fact I’m seeing a need for some sort of resource for smaller firms and businesses who need help in the field of communications and would otherwise want to bootstrap, as well as a professional development outlet for young public relations professionals. I’m thinking an online repository, maybe just a blog or a podcast. Very interested in chatting with others about it.
  • Also thinking about getting into “making” some more stuff around the apartment. Think shelving… actually think shelving, we need some freaking shelves. Mainly for the preschooler’s toys and art things.

At play

  • I gave up on coding my own WordPress site for the time being for one very important decision: I found a theme that works for me from the same folks at Themeshaper. In fact, the themes I fell in love with were based on the core theme you learn to develop using their multi-part tutorial on coding a complete and compliant WordPress theme. So I did learn how to code a WordPress theme and can still edit and manipulate the themes that seem to have about 80% of what I was aiming to achieve.
  • I’m still looking at reviving my love of programming. I’m hoping this year to build some sort of “stats corner” here on my website that’ll plug into the various spreadsheets I use on Google Drive to  help track and refine my habits and progress on things like debt reduction. The spreadsheets are setup, and Google Sheets now supports pivot tables (powered by AI no less) so, maybe I don’t need to code?
    • Codecademy. Learning code for free? That’s right, there’s no excuse any more.
  • Been rocking IFTTT to automate stuff, including draft content I hope to write for this site. Most importantly, I have a “Captain’s Log” now courtesy of the service and Google Assistant. Yes, I am a nerd.
  • On the look out for some good consulting or volunteering gigs in my field for professional development purposes. What I’m really interested in is helping organizations maintain one voice across all mediums and help them leverage content to create value for their communities and target audiences; also brand and data journalism.
  • On the lifestyle habit end I’m looking to achieve a 1,000 lbs between the three core lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift), I mostly post this journey to my Instagram account if you’re curious.

My /now page is inspired by Derek Sivers and his nownownow project. Last updated April 18, 2018.