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Back in January 2018 I thought of a new way to stay engaged in my own website that embraced the message I deliver to organizations and leaders when supporting their communication efforts: own the narrative.

To me, this means making sure I’m representing myself honestly and genuinely both online and off. Not only this, but the lines have significantly blurred between the professional and the personal online. Today, people get fired for things they publicly posted online before they were hired, even though their employer new about those posts when they hired them. So ensuring a clear separation of what’s “on” and what’s “off” is hard – but having time that is “off” is incredible important to one’s mental health, or so I’ve come to believe. 

But, if I was going to embark upon this merging of my personal and professional self online (the “profersonal” which I’ll eventually get around to writing a blog post about), it would seem a large oversight if I didn’t also consider the plague of privacy concerns over all these social media and other data-driven “free” services online. After all, if you’re not paying for the service, you’re probably the product. 

This article sums up my hopeful feelings on where we’re headed: a world where you don’t need to fork over the rights to your first born to use a coupon app for hair cuts

So if I am to align myself online, and want to be in control of my narrative, then I should maybe make use of this simple hosting plan I have to do the bulk of my sharing here. After all, I originally started this site so I could distance myself from social media and focus on creating while still managing to share photos and stories of my journey with family and friends. 

Which has led me to today, a complete rejigging on LiamMather.com to accommodate my personal and professional life, under one simple, online roof. 

I’ll be re-publishing content from the old site which is still available at LiamMather.com/Blog/ and re-deploying the family zone here as a somewhat separate, stand alone sub-site so it can do more that I’d want.

A field notes post will come soon detailing the journey and offering how you can set it up for yourself. In the meantime, enjoy the re-publishing and the new content as I slowly get things rolling.

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