Thanks for taking the time to register for the family-oriented content I (maybe “we”) post on the website.

If you arrived here by a direct link, I’ll be posting a little blog post as to why this exists. In the meantime, hit the registration form below to get going.

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Quick notes

  • There will be a delay in your access. I personally vet those who register to view the family and friends portion of the website. This is to ensure no bots. Because of this, it might take a few days to add you depending on what’s going on here at home or work. I believe I set the system up so it’ll email you when you’re added, so look for that.
  • You can’t log in with Facebook (or other social media accounts) yet. I want to enable logging in with your social media but need to do a few things on the server backend to enable this. For now, you’ll need to log using an email you regularly check

See you around the site!