From communications planning, to spokesperson training and issues management, I’d love to help.

For like minded thinking, or to pick my brain, I’m always looking to connect with new people.

My work in professional communications keeps me close to Halifax, Nova Scotia, these days. Living in an area where you have a decent sized city plus 15 to 40 minute drive to isolated wilderness and ocean in virtually any direction does well for my mental and physical well being.

I’m not addicted to social media, but for a simple “hey” or connect for a drink, I recommend reaching out to me on Twitter or even Instagram. I can be found on Facebook for those who know know me.

Looking to connect professionally?

Reaching out to me on LinkedIn is a great way for us to connect professionally.

I’m looking to connect with folks interested in integrated communications – meaning everything from internal corporate messaging to the end customer experience telling the same (or a progressive) story. I don’t really subscribe to hype (not that I’m opposed; it does serve a purpose) and prefer to work with leaders and organizations to develop more effective, sustainable policies and practices that inform all angles of their communications strategy: internal communications, publicity, public relations, marketing and advertising.

I believe in the long tail.

I have some skills and experience in issues and crisis (or more positive, one-off situations) but prefer organizations willing to learn and grow from the experience. I’d gladly help you navigate a less than ideal set of circumstances if you’re willing to invest in that long tail.

I’ve also been developing some one-off training modules for topics like media outreach and interview preparations.

Contact me

If you have something in mind right now that I might be of assistance with then use the contact form below:

If contact forms aren’t your thing then pop an email off to liam (at) liammather DOT com. Looking forward to hearing from you.