I help leaders, experts, and those looking to stand in front own their narrative and multiply their business objectives.

At work, I’m a business and public relations strategists, supporting clients by helping them:

  • Integrate open and transparent communications across all mediums. Removing “let’s get some PR” from the vernacular and making it as core to their operations as turning on the lights – so they’re always positioned to tell their story
  • Own their narrative through professional training in public affairs, public relations, media relations, and communications planning so they can leverage it as a force multiplier for their operations and not just an expense when the budget permits
  • Develop powerful relationships with customers, the public, journalists, and other influencers so they can identify and secure high leverage opportunities for visibility
  • Manage issues, ensuring they continue to own their narrative and get their message out even in the more challenging moments

I bring over 10 years of experience working with organizational leaders in areas of public relations, public affairs, strategic communications, media relations and training. I’m most passionate about helping these experts and influencers develop communications practices and habits they can trust, so they can get back to the work they need to do with the confidence of knowing they own their narrative.

If you have the drive, the passion, and the vision to become a leader in what you do, I would love to connect with you.

At home, things are simple: home cooked food and a (very) tall glass of Malbec whenever possible and the occasional adventure abroad. “Un-rushed” is how I’d like to describe it, and is a mantra I’ve adopted and constantly strive to achieve.