About us

A recent family event forced me to hit publish a bit early on the page, so we haven’t quite finished all the trimmings yet. We’ll update this sooner than later.

About the site

From Liam:

I’m not sure we have a great answer to this.

On one hand, I can claim “privacy concerns”, on another hand I know we haven’t quite quit Facebook either. Let’s be honest, it’s an easy way to connect and share with friends and family. I get that. Which is why you’ll still find us on Facebook, or Instagram, or other places online: because they are easy to connect and share with those we love. 

Back in 2010 I launched this site as a way to say “nope” to the big farms of social media fattening me up for the advertising slaughter. I didn’t really follow through on that.

But in the wake of the 2018 privacy revelations, the fact that all those nitty gritty details in the user legal agreements we all blindly agreed to were now being spoken about in media and that the data we agreed to disclose to these organizations was potentially being used against us to allegedly usurp democratic process… … … well maybe now is the time?

Don’t get me wrong, as I mentioned above, we won’t be swearing off these platforms, you’ll still find me on InstagramLinkedInTwitter, or even Facebook. But as a parent, I’ve become increasingly aware of the little guy’s status in the world, whether he’d want photos floating around that we don’t own anymore, whether he’s cool with disclosure of info about him (or me, or his mom), and although he’s not old enough to consider it, I am. So maybe I should have better control over where this stuff is?

And so, I thought I’d rebirth a section on my website for Family and Friends. I place I can feel mostly safe and secure with sharing stuff, still easily share swaths of photos with people in an easy way, but be able to control who sees it. In the end, I’ll still share the odd photo of us on family time, the odd Facebook Post about the comedic goings on in the family, but through my website, I can confidently share a bit more with those I love.

So welcome to the Family and Friends section of the website. It’s controlled access, so you need to sign up with an email in order to access, but it provides you with some updates about us that maybe I haven’t been sharing on these networks anymore.